By Alexandra Maslow |

On Dec. 24, 2014, Muharrem and his sister, Ozlem, took a walk around their community in Bagcilar, a suburban district of Istanbul, only to find that everyone they encountered greeted them in sign language.

In this Samsung commercial to promote the company’s new video call center for the hearing impaired, locals are shown learning to sign in anticipation of the big day. Video cameras were also placed around the city to capture those moments when Muharrem was greeted at a bagel shop, or offered an apple, or being apologized to when a woman bumps into him – all delivered in sign language.,,20907160,00.html

By Michelle Garcia Winner | Question: I was wondering if you could help me explain some of the language you teach.  I am having some trouble with the teachers I am working with wanting to use the language “expected and unexpected.”  I have utilized many consultation tactics and they still are using the language […]

By Karen Gaffney | TedxPortland

Karen Gaffney, Self-Advocate and World-Renown Swimmer, presents her TEDxPortland talk, “All Lives Matter” and makes the case against termination of pregnancies diagnosed with Down syndrome. Articulate and persuasive, this is worth 15 mins of your time.

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