We ALL spend a lot of time in the car with our kiddos! Whether it’s trekking to sports, school or weekly errands, here are a few fun speech and language games to make the minutes fly by and build those communication skills! I Spy Speech Sounds – Is your child working on a speech sound? […]

A Letter to the Editor of the Duxbury Clipper We have recently learned that you have several students with Down syndrome in the Duxbury school district. Although significant strides have been made in the past few decades in areas of health, education, and public perception of people with Down syndrome, many misperceptions still exist. Stereotypes […]

Since October is Down syndrome Awareness Month, I thought I would dig into some critical statistics in this community to understand what’s behind the numbers. Much has been said and written in the popular American press about the 90% plus termination  rate when a pregnancy receives a definitive pre-natal diagnosis of Down syndrome.  Diverse sources […]