By Official Social Security Website

We recently released new fact sheets and a national issue paper on the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. The SSDI program provides benefits to millions of workers and their families in every community across America. These State fact sheets contain statistics on the number of people who receive benefits and the average payment amounts. The national issue paper describes the five principles Congress used as a basis for establishing the SSDI program almost 60 years ago.


A lack of sexual education has an impact in all aspects of a person’s life, so why are intellectually disabled people given so few opportunities to learn about sex on their own terms?

By Brianna Most of my friends have siblings, but almost none of them have one quite like mine. As a sister of a thirteen year old brother with Down syndrome, I often go to friends to tell them a funny story or to vent about a frustrating event that just happened, all revolving around Chris. Despite the times when […]


Just in time for Father’s Day, a new video celebrates the dads of kids with Down syndrome — and the mutual love between parent and child.

The video was created by the Jerome Lejeune Foundation, a research and advocacy group that last year released the viral hit, “Dear Future Mom.” This year, the group decided to focus on dads.