From Down Syndrome Education International

Motivation is important for learning. It is often assumed that children with learning disabilities are less motivated than other children. Recent research suggests this might not be the case: children with Down syndrome can be as motivated as other children at the same stage of mental development.

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From Down Syndrome Education International

An increasing number of children with Down syndrome are being diagnosed as also having autism or autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Research is exploring the prevalence and the characteristics of autism and autistic spectrum disorders in people with Down syndrome, and informing more reliable diagnosis. More research is needed to better understand these dual diagnoses and to identify effective ways to support development and learning for these children.

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From Huffington Post The way that K-12 learners are taught is in rapid flux, particularly when it comes to students in special education programs. These are the students that need the most help and support and the ones where a push for higher parental involvement does not always bridge the academic gap. These students need highly-trained […]

From Wicked Local Cambridge:

Perhaps the biggest change for parents is the level of communication they now experience, they said. Cambridge Public Schools parent Julie Messina has a son with Down’s syndrome.

Although she said she hasn’t seen much change at the school level, she’s noticed a big change in the district-wide approach to special education.

“There definitely seems to be a desire to be more responsive,” Messina said. “I understand (Dr. Greer) has taken a lot of this year to do internal housekeeping, but already we’re seeing the fruits of that labor, at least in terms of better communication to parents.”

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