Support for Families


We help families develop their child’s IEP to create an educational program that meets the child’s individual needs.

We help facilitate the maximum extent appropriate inclusion within a range of settings: full inclusion, partial inclusion, or substantially separate placements.

We offer the perspective of educators who have worked extensively in inclusive settings to help parents prioritize areas for advocacy.

We provide educational workshops to parent-led groups on best practices for teaching students with Down syndrome.


Support for Students


We offer academic classes for students and instructional workshops for parents and caregivers. Students attend a high-energy, developmentally-appropriate class led by special educators and therapists. Parents and caregivers attend workshops featuring different topics that build upon each other.

Families are provided the information, tools and materials to work with their child more effectively.

We offer a community of support: a regular avenue to discuss Down syndrome educational issues.

We also offer individual or small group tutoring based on the program’s guiding principles.


Support for Schools


We offer professional development workshops on evidence-based current educational best practices, developed for the cognitive profile of students with Down syndrome.

We conduct observations and review student records to help develop programming that ensures access to the curriculum.

We guide the implementation of accommodations and curriculum modifications to ensure the delivery of specialized instruction so that effective progress can be made.

We offer individual training and support to educators regarding the principles of Universal Design for Learning and advise on ways to maximize academic and social inclusion opportunities for students with Down syndrome.