Meet Megan Bomgaars

Megan Bomgaars is a well known self-advocate with Down Syndrome, an artist, a tv actor on the wildly popular TV series Born This Way,  and a rising entrepreneur!  Loving to share her life experiences with others, she has developed her skills as a public speaker and travels across the country giving keynote speeches and presentations on a variety of topics.

Megan has taken a lifetime of creative experiences and turned them into a full-time passion. Whether it is painting, journaling, singing or working with color, she has done it all with her own unmistakable style! As a former surface design artist she created original, one-of-a-kind textiles and fabrics by incorporating unusual techniques such as dyeing with ice, manipulating fiber reactive dyes and the use of colorants. Megan is an ardent observer of her surroundings and is always ready for the unexpected color or element to catch her eye and influence her next project.

Megan has moved beyond her tye-dye creation work and has  ventured out into writing a children’s book!   Born to Sparkle:  A Book About Achieving Your Dreams is about lions, who are the kings and queens of the jungle.  The question is, how did they come to be as fabulous as they are? They SPARKLE! The best way to sparkle is to live your dreams and share them with the world.

The inspiring message, behind this adorable book, comes from Megan’s viral video “Don’t Limit Me,” and encourages readers to follow whatever dreams they may have in order to find the sparkle inside of them.

Let’s once again, as a community of 3-21 Foundation supporters, gather round to support Megan, as we partner with her on her latest endeavor!  Pre-order her book for your own libraries, and for the libraries of others so that they too can learn to sparkle and follow their dreams!!!