Awareness Overview

Helping organizations welcome and embrace people with disabilities

We work with local area medical schools and graduate nursing schools through Operation House Call, a program developed by the Arc of Massachusetts that teaches young medical professionals essential skills to enhance the health care of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. OHC turns to families, parents and individual self-advocates as educators in a health care field that seldom focuses on more than making a diagnosis. It is a rare and important training opportunity. Through OHC, students begin to build confidence and interest in working with individuals and families living with IDD.  In 2023 after many years of determined advocacy, Operation House Call was included in the FY24 MA state budget along with legislative funding, codifying this unique medical school training program.  For more information about Operation House Call click here.

We have also worked with faith-based organizations to provide training and resources to identify and remove barriers that impact people with disabilities. By providing practical tools our goal is to facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities into the life and ministry of the local church and other faith-based organizations.   Please contact us for more information.

Highlighting advances in cognitive enhancement for people with Down syndrome

Cognition is simply thinking. It’s a description for an immensely complex neurological activity, composed of many complex, inter-connected functions all regulated by the brain. Cognition is also known to be impaired in Down syndrome. Recent research, however, has shown that cognitive capabilities, starting with working memory, can be enhanced in people with Down syndrome. The 3-21 Foundation hopes to build awareness by sharing our understanding of what the opportunities for cognitive enhancement might be, disseminating these insights with parents and practicing clinicians, and advising research organizations and Down syndrome philanthropies on potential areas for cognitive research collaboration and/or investment.

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Promoting Self-Advocate Entrepreneurs

We believe small business drives the engine of growth in our economy and entrepreneurship gives individuals with Down syndrome a path towards productive adulthood and financial independence. By spotlighting self-advocate entrepreneurs on our website and social media platforms we hope to spread awareness and support the talent, creativity and capableness of people with Down syndrome.

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