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Empowering families & educators to improve educational outcomes

Students with Down syndrome deserve to be educated in a welcoming environment. They also need to be challenged to grow and thrive, both academically and socially.

We believe in educational programs that meet the individual needs of the child but are based on global best practices for all students. We know that differences among people are natural and enriching; we value all children for their ability to shape the future.

We believe in the power of working together to unlock the potential of every child.


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Transforming Lives
“This has been a transformational program for my daughter. She is better able to participate with her peers in her regular class, which has changed the dynamic for her. Seeing her pride when she completes an academic task correctly has given her the self-confidence to try new things.”
Parent, Learning Program Boston
“It was a pleasure to work with (your consultant). During your visit our staff felt heard and valued. Your report was strengths-based towards both the student and our programming and provided specific ideas about how to improve."
Special Education Administrator, Consulting Client
"I think this was one of the best staff trainings we have had. I loved all the tips (your consultant) gave us to use in the classroom. I have taken so many ideas away and I see ways for me to improve my role in the classroom."
K-12 Educator, Course Participant
"Amazing resource - I would recommend your professional development workshops to other educators without reservation. Our district needs to continue to engage you!"
K-12 Educator, Course Participant