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Congratulations to all our incredible 2016 MDSC Award Winners: 

Heather Hegedus (Fox 25)- Media Award
Julie Messina (3-21 Foundation) – Educator Award
Susanna Peyton & John Campbell – Leadership Award
Melanie Perkins McLaughlin – Allen Crocker Award of Excellence
Market Basket’s Arthur T. Demoulas (represented by Dan Riley and Gary Sessa) – Employer of the Year Award
Gillian & Fran Callaghan – Leadership Award (Not present)

Your work and your speeches yesterday epitomize our mission, our community and our 2016 theme ‪#‎iBelieve‬.

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Today’s tip for March 21, 2016:

For many students, eliminating distractions and staying on task is extremely difficult, especially while on the computer. Keep in mind the idea “If he could, he would.” That is — if your child were able, he would certainly like to be able to exert more control and eliminate distractions. At this time in his life, however, he may not have the capacity to do so on his own. Here’s how you can help him: If your child is easily distracted by YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or various gaming websites, try for PCs and for Macs. These apps allow the student to block particular websites for a period of time they choose. And once blocked, there’s no going back until the clock runs out. It’s a simple tool that can have an enormous impact.

By Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress (MDSC) | ‪#‎WDSD16‬ On Saturday, the MDSC honored Melanie Perkins McLaughlin at our ‪#‎iBelieve‬ Annual Conference with the Allen Crocker Award of Excellence, our most prestigious award, for her incredible breadth of work over the past 8 years advancing our mission. And yesterday, as if to make our point, she was at United Nations Headquarters […]

By World Down Syndrome Day | In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, the National Down Syndrome Congress and six other national Down syndrome organizations are promoting “Random Acts of Kindness” in the United States. In collaboration with Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action, Global Down Syndrome Foundation, International Down Syndrome Coalition, International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association, Lumind […]