From LBP, “The Jerome Lejeune Foundation has been developing therapeutic treatments related to the overexpression of the gene Dryk1A (implicated for causing intellectual disability) for those living with Down syndrome. Clinical trials of interest to us include the use of EGCG, a natural substance found in green tea, as an inhibitor of Dryk1A. They have just announced a new partnership with Manros Therapeutics to develop a new drug from a molecule described in scientific literature as the most powerful inhibitor of Dryk1A.” 

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The Jerome Lejeune Foundation has been intensely involved in supporting the development of therapeutic treatments related to the overexpression of the gene Dryk1A for those living with Down syndrome.

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From LPB,  “Love that we are seeing more types of beauty being appreciated! Katie Meade is a Best Buddies spokesperson and the new face of beauty for a hair products company.”

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New haircare line, Beauty & Pin-Ups, is breaking down barriers. The brand introduced 32-year-old Katie Meade as the face of their latest launch: Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment. We caught up with Meade to talk about the partnership, and quickly learned she’s the type of inspiration the beauty world has been missing.

Meet Katie Meade, the First Woman with Down Syndrome to Be Featured as the Face of a Beauty Product


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From LPB, “Indiana has become the second state in the nation, following North Dakota, to ban abortions motivated by objections to Down syndrome. Gov. Mike Pence signed the bill yesterday to protect termination of pregnancies simply because of a disability, race or sex.”

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Indiana has a strict new abortion law, one that bans abortions on the basis of fetal abnormalities like Down syndrome, and also requires that all fetal remains be buried or cremated.

Republican Gov. Mike Pence signed the measure just hours ahead of his deadline to take action on the proposal approved by the Republican-dominated Legislature two weeks ago, the governor’s office said. It is due to take effect in July, but Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky said it will ask a court to block the measure before that can happen.

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Congratulations to all our incredible 2016 MDSC Award Winners: 

Heather Hegedus (Fox 25)- Media Award
Julie Messina (3-21 Foundation) – Educator Award
Susanna Peyton & John Campbell – Leadership Award
Melanie Perkins McLaughlin – Allen Crocker Award of Excellence
Market Basket’s Arthur T. Demoulas (represented by Dan Riley and Gary Sessa) – Employer of the Year Award
Gillian & Fran Callaghan – Leadership Award (Not present)

Your work and your speeches yesterday epitomize our mission, our community and our 2016 theme ‪#‎iBelieve‬.