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From LPB, “After elementary school, most kids with DS are at the bottom of the Social Food Chain. For those with neurotypical kids wishing to avoid accidentally raising a bully it’s simply not enough to instruct your children to, “Be nice to others!” You’ve got to be more specific than that. Kids think if they aren’t being outright unkind, they are being nice.”

By Leslie Blanchard |

I will never forget the day my daughter told me that Bethany, a girl in her 4th grade class, was annoying her.

“What is she doing to you?” I questioned, instinctively protective.

“She’s following me around on the playground and sitting by me at lunch!” she quipped, as if that would sum things right up and get me squarely on her side of the matter.

“You mean she’s trying to be friends with you?”
 I asked incredulously.

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