The 3-21 Foundation is pleased to announce the expansion of their collaboration with the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress (MDSC) to develop best practices in educating students with Down syndrome. In addition to the Early Education Workshop Series and Education Curriculum Days that we’ve jointly offered in the past, the two organizations will collaborate on offering the Learning Program Boston, a parent-focused educational intervention program for sharing instructional strategies, resources and activities to improve academic outcomes for students with Down syndrome. This year-long program for families of elementary-aged students runs during the school year from September to June and will now be hosted at the MDSC’s Burlington, MA offices. We’ll also continue to work together on offering education related webinars to help families and educators implement effective strategies to enhance the school experience for all students with Down syndrome.

The MDSC has been a leader in the field of inclusive education for many years and hosts an annual Educator’s Forum for teachers to develop practical strategies they can bring back to the classroom. The MDSC’s education manual – Meaningful Inclusion for Students with Down Syndrome – a Resource Guide for Elementary Educators, continues to be highly sought after by families and teachers all across the country. The 3-21 Foundation is a non-profit based in Cambridge, MA. Its mission is to advance innovations in education and cognition for people with Down syndrome. It provides information and support for parents, equipping families with the knowledge and tools to work with their student at home and with their schools. The 3-21 Foundation also supports schools by providing program consultation and professional development to promote the effective instruction and inclusion of students with Down syndrome. For more information please contact Maureen Gallagher, MDSC Executive Director [email protected] or Julie Messina, 3-21 Foundation President, Julie Messina at [email protected]

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